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2019 Spring Soccer Information  

      Why is the Association requiring a birth certificate? The North Texas State Soccer Association (NTSSA) is mandating that we have a birth certificate on file for every child uploaded in Gotsoccer. If we received one from you in the fall, you are good. If we do not receive a birth certificate by February 10th, your child will not be entered in the draft.

      How are teams formed? Teams are formed in a blind draft by age. The spring season is Co-Ed. Teams from last spring are not kept together.

      What size ball will my child use? U6 &U8 - #3, U10 & U12 - #4, and U14-U19 - #5

       Equipment: All players must wear shin guards. Cleats may not have a toe cleat (baseball and softball).  The cleat may be cut off and then they will be acceptable.  No exceptions!

      When will the season start? Practices will begin at the coaches’ discretion; Games will begin on March 16, 2019.

      When will the season end? The season will end with a single elimination tournament on May 18, 2019. The tournament is not guaranteed.

       Where will games be played? All games will be played at Coleman Park, during daylight hours. We try to schedule games only on Saturdays, however, on occasion there are games on a weekday or Sunday afternoon. Fields may be set up outside of Coleman Park in extreme cases of bad weather.

      When will my coach contact me? Draft will be held on or about February 16, 2019. All coaches are asked to contact their team promptly. If your coach hasn’t contacted you by February 23rd, please send an email to president@sulphurspringssoccer.org

      What does the registration fee cover? Registration fees are used to cover the cost of Jerseys, Insurance/North Texas Assoc. dues, City of Sulphur Springs usage fees for the fields, trophies for U6 and 1st and 2nd place for tournament, and referee expenses.  

      I would like to coach my child’s team however, I don’t know anything about soccer! We find that many parents are willing to give of their time to coach but do not feel adequately equipped to do so.  We will provide a Coaches Clinic that can assist you with player development, drills, practice organization, and ideas for practice places, as well as understanding the laws of the game. YouTube is a great place to pulls drills from!

      Coaches Clinic: TBA. More information to be provided at draft. 

      I may be interested in refereeing, what do I do? The SSSA requires that you be at least a Grade 8 or 9 certified referee with the NTSSA (go to www.northtxsoccer.org for more info on age requirements and costs).


We are here to help you! If you have any further questions, email:


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